High School Citizen Police Academy

This free, ten week educational program is designed to offer local high school seniors an opportunity to learn about the Brookline Police Department’s practices and services. Topics covered include: defensive tactics, patrol procedures, domestic violence, criminal/forensic investigation and crime prevention. Students will also participate in a ride-along, mock trial and firearms training simulation. 

This academy has also created a symbiotic relationship between Brookline Police personnel and Brookline teachers to the ends of coordinating and creating a tailor made program to fit the specific needs of Brookline’s high school student body.

The program is not intended to train participants to perform law enforcement duties, but to create a nucleus of citizens who are well informed about the department's operations. The training is structured to provide classroom instruction, tours, and demonstrations of the various units of the Brookline Police Department.

For more information, please call Officer Prentice Pilot at 617-730-2787 or 617-730-2603.