Traffic Division


The Traffic Division is overseen by Deputy Superintendent Michael Murphy. This division is responsible for enforcing all laws and regulations related to traffic and parking. The daily duties and responsibilities include

Provides selective enforcement to streets and intersections to diminish the inherent dangers posed by persons who violate motor vehicle laws and parking restrictions.

  • Provide for pedestrian safety programs especially designed to assist the elderly crossing our busy streets.
  • The Division records, investigates motor vehicle accidents and takes legal action when appropriate.
  • The Division arranges traffic patterns for emergencies, demonstrations, public events and other exigencies.
  • The Division works in partnerships with the schools to provide safety instructions for students who travel to school by bus. All bus drivers are registered and security checks are made to insure overall safety for the students.
  • The Division works closely with the Brookline Transportation Department to assist and resolve parking problems and concerns.
  • The Division also provides for the supervision of 31 traffic posts.

The Brookline Traffic and Records Division is comprised of 10 sworn Officers, 9 Traffic Control Supervisors, 14 School Traffic Supervisors, and 6 civilian office personnel. All sworn traffic investigators have highly advanced traffic investigation training. These Officers investigate personal injury, hit & run, and property damage accidents. They also concentrate enforcement in high accident locations, and address a multitude of other traffic and parking problems. Traffic Control Supervisors enforce parking regulations while School Traffic Supervisors assist children to and from school. The office staff in the Traffic and Records Division performs a number of important tasks. They process all parking and traffic data, and handle thousands of archived and current police documents.

The Traffic and Records Division was recognized in 2007 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police for excellence, and continues to improve traffic safety in Brookline through the use of advanced technology.

Selective Enforcement

Is a program that investigates moving traffic complaints. The complaints usually involve speeding; however, we field and have confirmed complaints of illegal turns, wrong way violations, etc. Speeding enforcement involves a site review, Road Trac analysis, identification of high violation counts, directed enforcement, and follow up. Thousands of violations have been written since the program’s inception in 2004. Contact the BPD Traffic Division at 617-730-2230 if you believe you have a significant traffic problem.

Traffic Hot Spot Enforcement

Based on analysis of crash prone locations, officers are assigned to “Hot Spots” during periods w/ high incidences. Fatalities had decreased consistently since the inception of the program.

Speed Monitor Board

We have acquired an advanced speed monitor board. This radar equipped board measures the oncoming vehicle's speed, flashes this speed on the illuminated board to alert motorists of their traveling speed. Making effective, productive use of this technology is essential to this division's commitment to meet the service needs of the community.

Hackney (Cab) ID Program

The fleet of cab drivers is thoroughly screened through an extensive background investigation and regular monitoring. BPD works closely with the DPW to inspect each and every Brookline cab, and regularly review driver performance.

Taxicab Complaints

If you would like to file a complaint against a Taxicab, please contact the Traffic Division at 617-730-2230 and ask to speak to the Hackney Officer.

Don’t Block the Box

A neighborhood-based program that originated at the intersection of Cypress St and Brington Road. Traffic issues are addressed working with DPW though environmental design and enforcement.

School-Area Focused Enforcement (SAFE)

SAFE was developed as a result of complaints from school parents regarding traffic and pedestrian safety around schools. Officers are assigned at complaint areas during drop off/pick up.

Traffic Investigations

The BPD has two of the highest trained Traffic Reconstructionist in the State. In fact, every traffic officer has advanced training. Their expertise is regularly sought by other jurisdiction due to their “Black Box” analysis training.

Handicapped Parking Enforcement

The Handicapped Parking Enforcement Program is designed to decrease and deter the misuse of handicapped parking. There are approximately 170,000 handicapped placards in Massachusetts. By educating and enforcing the laws surrounding handicapped parking, BPD hopes to help eliminate widespread abuse. When an officer determines someone is in violation of the law, the officer issues a Uniform Traffic Citation and parking ticket (Code 1- $100.00). The operator is cited under Chapter 90 Sec. 2 - Plate/Placard Misuse-$500.00. It is the operator/owner’s responsibility to prove the placard is validly utilized. Officers who encounter persons unwilling to cooperate and identify themselves can write a citation and parking ticket. A follow up with the RMV is also undertaken by the Accessibility Compliance Officer.

Pedestrian Safety Program

The Pedestrian Safety Program is designed to decrease the number of pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle violations, and pedestrian violations. There are two aspects of this program – public education and enforcement. Public education involves handouts and other awareness efforts to help make the public aware of various dangers facing pedestrians. These efforts include proper street crossing behavior, informing rules of the road, the dangers of aggressive driving, the nature and extent of traffic-related pedestrian injuries and crashes. Voluntary compliance is a goal of this program. Enforcement involves the issuance of a citation under MGL 90-18a. The fine, however, is $1 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense, and must be issued as a Town by-law violation. BPD is working with the Town in an effort to increase penalties so that there is a higher rate of compliance.

School Bus Safety Program

The BPD has worked with the School Department to screen bus drivers, review safety procedures, and identify problem areas and bus stops. As a result of this cooperative effort, multiple citations have been issued and school bus stops have actually been relocated to safer locations.

Road Projects

The Traffic Division oversees the assignment of officers to road projects. Officers are deployed to work sites when vehicle and pedestrian traffic is affected. Officers are also deployed to private function when there’s a compelling need for police service.

Hit & Run Investigations

Specially trained officers investigate hit-and-run accidents. Officers are restricted to public access ways; depending on the extent of injury and property damage, though, these officers may examine the location, canvass for witnesses, and, in serious bodily injury cases, reconstruct the entire accident scene.

Citation Analysis

The Traffic Division regularly analyzes RMV citations written by each and every officer. A monthly report to the Chief of Police is prepared and distributed, and a review is undertaken of all non-inventory searches.

Records Division

Records Division personnel review and screen every report submitted at BPD. BPD reports under the strict standards of the Federal NIBRS reporting system. This ensures accurate, timely, and complete information is stored within the extensive records systems.

Accident Reports

Not all traffic accidents will generate an Incident Report; generally Brookline Police Officers on the scene are there to assist the motorists with the exchanging of information.

If you were in an accident a blank Crash Data Form, as well as instructions, can be found on the RMV website:

Completed copies of Crash Data Forms for accidents that occurred in the Town of Brookline, or requests for copies of accident reports can be mailed to:

 Brookline Traffic Division
 350 Washington St
 Brookline, MA 02445

Parking Permission

Daytime parking permission may be granted through the office of the Parking Clerk for up to 2 days. Please call, 617-730-2230, on the day of permission with the location of the vehicle and the registration number.

Overnight parking permission can be granted by the Patrol Division of the Brookline Police Department. Please call, 617-730-2222, AFTER 3:30 PM on the day of permission with the location of the vehicle and the registration number. Please note that the Town of Brookline does provide overnight parking lots, at the cost of $10 per night; please see Guest Overnight Parking for further details.

Any permission that will last longer than 48 hours or is a moving truck, pod, bus, reserving a meter, etc., please contact the Town of Brookline Transportation Division for permits, 617-730-2177.

Parking permission is given as a courtesy and is up to the discretion on the Brookline Police Department.

Parking Tickets

Parking Violation notices may be returned by mail, personally, or by an authorized person to the Brookline Police Department. Parking tickets issued are indexed by computers. If you would like to question or appeal a ticket, please consult the back of the ticket for the appropriate days and times that hearings are held. No appointment is necessary. In the event of holidays, please phone for confirmation of the hearing schedule. Payment options cash or check. Cash only if you need a release for a towed car.

Parking ticket hearings are held at the Public Safety Building, 350 Washington Street in the Traffic Division as follows

  • Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.
  • Tuesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
  • Hearings may also be done by mail. Instructions are on the back of the ticket

More information about hearings and payments, as well as information concerning meters, can be found on our Parking Tickets page.

Information on the Town's Parking Rules can be found at the Town's Parking Webpage.

Additional details on parking, as well as information on obtaining parking permits, please visit the Town of Brookline Transportation Division of the DPW.

Further questions may be directed to the Traffic Division, telephone 617-730-2230.

Monthly Parking Questions Questions concerning monthly parking should be directed to the Transportation Department at 617-730-2177.

Towed Motor Vehicles

The Town of Brookline tows motor vehicles parked on a public way with an excess of overdue parking tickets. Any Massachusetts registration with 7 or more parking tickets over 21 days old, or any out of state registration with 5 or more tickets over 21 day sold are subject to being towed.

If a motor vehicle is towed for outstanding tickets, the registered owner is responsible to pay overdue tickets before the vehicle will be released. Payments can be made in the form of cash, credit, money order, or certified bank check. Payments MUST be made in person at the Brookline Police Department, Office of the Parking Clerk, during normal business hours. Upon payment and verification of an active license status, the registered owner will be given a release; after the motor vehicle may be obtained at Perfection Tow, 483 Pleasant St in Watertown, 617-923-9016. Perfection Tow does provide a complimentary ride to the tow yard; please inquire with the Parking Clerk when paying tickets for this service if necessary.

Any motor vehicle towed by this Department for any reason besides overdue parking tickets may obtain a release from the Brookline Police Department, 24 hours a day.

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