Firearms Licensing


The Brookline Police Department places great emphasis on the issuing of licenses to carry firearms and firearms identification cards. The Identification/Firearms Licensing Unit manages the issuance of such permits for Brookline residents and / or individuals who own a business in Brookline, who are also United States citizens.

Possession Information for Residents

Resident License to Carry (LTC) Firearms

To lawfully possess a handgun, you must have a valid LTC. Read the list of handgun requirements and restrictions.

Resident Firearms Identification (FID) Cards

To lawfully possess a rifle, shotgun or ammunition you must possess a valid FID card. Read the list of firearms requirements and restrictions.

Lawful Permanent Resident Aliens

All lawful permanent resident aliens are eligible to apply for a MA resident license to carry or firearms identification card issued through the Brookline Police Department . Non-Resident aliens should contact the CHSB Firearm support Services for information (617) 660-4780.

Change to Expiration of Certain FID Cards

Several changes were made to the firearms laws, M.G.L. c. 140, §§ 121-131P, between 1998 and 2000. One of the changes made is only now beginning to affect firearms identification (FID) cardholders, licensing authorities and gun dealers. The FID card normally has an expiration of four years, but chapter 180, section 73 of the Acts of 1998, as amended by chapter 159, section 313 ( of the Acts of 2000 extended the expiration date of certain FID cards.The expiration date of those FID cards issued between October of 1999 and June of 2000 were extended by one, two or three years, depending on the date of issue. The purpose of this Act was to more evenly distribute the renewals to be processed every forth year beginning 1999 when the FID cards first expired. The schedule for expiration is as follows

  • Cards issued in October, November or December of 1999 expire in the year 2004 (same month and day)
  • Cards issued in January, February or March of 2000 expire in the year 2005 (same month and day)
  • Cards issued in April, May or June of 2000 expire in the year 2006 (same month and day)
  • The records of the Firearms Record Bureau, as the repository for the Commonwealth, have been changed to reflect the new expiration dates as provided by law

Application Fees for License to Carry or Firearms Identification Cards

Effective immediately, chapter 140, sections 122, 122B, 129B, 131, 131A, 131F and 131H have been amended to change the fee schedule for Massachusetts firearms licenses. The fees collected from the licenses are generally allocated as $50 for the Commonwealth, $25 for the licensing authority, and $25 for the Firearms Fingerprint Identity Verification Trust Fund. Note that there is still no fee for renewal applicants over 70 years of age. The license fees are now as follows

  • Dealers License (including Gunsmiths): $100
  • License to Sell Ammunition: $100
  • Firearms Identification Card: $100
  • License to Carry Firearms: $100 (Includes license to possess machine guns)
  • License to Carry Firearms for Law Enforcement Officials or Local, State, or Federal Government Entities Acting on Their Behalf: $25
  • Permits to Purchase: $100
  • Non-Resident and Non-Resident Alien: $100
  • Resident Alien: $100
  • For more information on the laws governing the possession of firearms, please visit the Firearms Record Bureau webpage.

Application Information

Applications are accepted by appointment only. Appointments and interviews are conducted Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For further information or to make an appointment, contact the Brookline Police Department's Identification / Firearms Licensing Unit at 617-730-2239.