School Collaboration

The Brookline Police Department, in a collaborative effort with the Brookline School Department, has developed a series of courses designed to educate students in the following areas:

1. Internet Safety
2. Teen Dating Violence
3. Bullying

These programs are targeted toward middle school students, but also have a follow-up curriculum at the high school level. The main goal of these programs is the safety of the students and to provide a safe learning environment. The courses educate the students about the social challenges they may face, and ways to identify them and strategies to deal with those challenges. These programs inform students of unacceptable social behaviors, there potential consequences, there affect on the victims, what crimes these behaviors may constitute, and strategies that students can use to avoid becoming victims. Ultimately, the programs hope to prevent negative behaviors and decisions made by students, or if they are victims to empower them to protect themselves.

Another component of these programs is the use of peer leadership students from the high school. This brings students that have just recently went through the experiences that middle school students are facing and provides a closer age and experience connection to the students. It has proven to be a very effective tool in the education process.